Twinning Workshop: “The new EU audiovisual regulatory framework: challenges and opportunities”

The workshop was held on 29 January, 2019, in the presence of the EU Ambassador to Israel Emanuele Giaufret, the Israeli Director General of the Ministry of Communications Nathanel (Nati) Cohen, as well as the Italian regulatory communications authority: Mr. Antonio Martusciello, AGCOM Board member and diplomatic representative of Italy and Germany.

AGCOM Commissioner Martusciello gave a key-note speech with brief but detailed description of the new AV Directive stressing the need to reach an effective level playing field in the AV sector between traditional audiovisual operators and OTTs.

The first panel was moderated by Mr Giuliano De Vita with the participation from Mr. Giorgio Tacchia, founder and CEO of CHILI Mr. Alessandro Banfi, editor in chief in Mediaset group; and Dr. Gali Einav, Ph.D. Herzeliya Interdisciplinary Center.

In this panel, the stakeholders from the audiovisual industry discussed the new trends, business models and challenges that emerging in a market that is moving towards the Internet environment. The perspective of service providers who deliver Video on Demand, the challenges providing professional news in the era of digital information (which may put at risk the shaping of the public opinion), and the point of view of research interested in understanding the cultural impact of these changes were delivered.

The second panel was moderated by the Twinning MoC RTA Mr. Adi Koplovitz, with the participation of Ms. Tanja Kersevan Smokvina, senior media regulation expert, associate partner at Wagner-Hatfield, Mr. Itamar Hermon - Legal advisor to the Cable and Satellite council and Mr. Ziv Giladi, Senior Legal Counsel of the Ministry of Communications. This panel focused on the regulatory approaches to the main challenges of the new Directive (the regulation on VoDs, OTTs and VSPs) and described the situation of the audio-visual sector in Israel. It was also the Israeli opinion about the need of adapting the framework on AV sector looking at new EU rules and the opportunity to possibly introduce some of them into the Israeli audiovisual framework.

Mr Vincenzo Lobianco, AGCOM Twinning Project leader, concluded the meeting by summarizing the main findings of the workshop and explaining their importance for the Twinning.

Mr. Antonio Martusciello, AGCOM Board member press release contains a synthesis of his speech during the workshop and this is his interview with an Italian TV national station.

Code of Practice against disinformation: Commission calls on signatories to intensify their effortsCode of Practice against disinformation: Commission calls on signatories to intensify their efforts.