Fixed and Mobile Internet Access: QoS

The mission discussing the topic of “Fixed and Mobile Internet Access: QoS” within the activities 1.5 Consumer Protection and regulation of retail market and retail prices was held in Tel Aviv between June 3-5, 2019.

The agenda of the mission focused on consumer protection policies specifically regarding the issue of the quality of service related to fixed and mobile internet access. During the previous session held in April of 2019 the topic was briefly presented and MoC participants expressed deep interest in examining in depth its specific and technical matters.

AGCOM and Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) - a public technical institutions working closely with AGCOM representatives demonstrated the Italian approach to monitoring the Broadband Internet access performance of the four Italian mobile networks, explaining in detail the method used and the main technical references. SPRK presented an overview of QoS measurement methodologies in scope of CEPT recommendations for the QoS supervision on fixed and mobile networks.

During the mission, the AGCOM experts had the opportunity of completing the presentation on Consumer Protection issues related to “The new AVMS regulatory framework”, initiated during the May mission on this topic within Component 3.

This session paid special attention to the pay - TV dispute resolution procedures and compensation measures, addressing several issues.  A thorough discussion took place regarding the provisions about the benefits of using the guaranteed “minimum” in terms of consumer empowerment and protection, also comparing the actual Israeli situation and its potential implementation and approximation to EU approach.

Future missions will include the development of specific QoS measurement tools as well as their technical features.

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