Improvement of the Israeli legal framework

The goal of this mission that was held between May 20 to May 23, 2019 was to extend the share of expertise on the different approaches taken by The EU institutions and the EU Member States in regulating the audio-visual sector. In the previous missions, the provisions of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive were presented, together with the approaches of some Countries which transposed the Directive into their national frameworks in different ways.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Italian and French approaches towards EU quotas (a.k.a. protection of EU and national works), licensing (a.k.a the authorization regime) for traditional broadcasters and for new media (Video on demand and Video Sharing Platforms) were discussed. The conclusion was that Italy and France have a “highly intrusive” approach towards regulation, which results in the imposition of a tough regulatory burden over the traditional broadcasters, only partially balanced by the (fewer) obligations imposed to the new media players.

In this mission, the EU experts discussed the EU approaches taken concerning protection of minors, protection of consumers in general, and co- and self-regulation and a different approach, the German one presented.

In particular, Mr. Giulio Votano explained the rules governing the protection of minors in Italy. Mr. Enrico Cotugno and Ms. Claudia Stazi presented the dispute resolution procedures, price comparison tools, the provisions governing the quality of contact services and the contract standards. Mr. Francesco Sciacchitano introduced the topic of self-regulation, co-regulation and licensing in general. Mr. Peter Matzneller gave a detailed picture of the approach taken by Germany on the aforementioned issues, explaining that Germany imposes fewer obligations to the traditional broadcasters but does not require any licensing procedure from the Video on Demand service providers.

On May 22, Mr. Votano and Mr. Matzneller also participated in the Workshop on protection of minors, organized by the Israeli Ministry of Communications in collaboration with the "Kids Television Trust" Forum.

The topics of licensing and protection of minors (with particular focus on the new media) raised a lot of attention among the Israeli experts, who asked for additional information, regarding in particular the approaches taken by other EU Countries, who had a more flexible regulatory approach towards the audio-visual sector.

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