Consumer Disputes Resolution and Mediation Process

A workshop was held at ZOA House in Tel Aviv on September 3, 2019, which started with a presentation, by Agcom, about the out of court dispute resolution procedure. After briefly explaining the European and Italian legal frameworks, Italian experts detailed the phases of the out of court procedure, as well as its aims and possible outcomes.

CP Workshop

Agcom demonstrated the efficiency of the new online platform that increases the level of customer protection by guaranteeing an easy and rapid procedure with no cost for the user. Thanks to the tools available to consumers, companies and mediators, it is indeed possible to resolve the problem and the dispute completely online, whenever and wherever. The data report confirmed the effectiveness of the system indicating a high percentage of successful mediation outcomes (that reached 75%) which corresponds to a quick and efficient response to customers and, in general, to a consistent saving of cost and time for all involved parties.

Agcom simulated what really happens in the platform Conciliaweb. The first case was about the direct negotiation process, that is, the asynchronous chat between user and provider. This feature, indeed, allows parties to interact exchanging proposals for solutions (they have 20 days before the mediator intervenes). Then, a hearing was simulated regarding a very common claim. The demonstration involved the mediator (Agcom), the user (a small business) and the provider (Vodafone Italia S.pA.) showing the real dynamics of a hearing. Agcom actually demonstrated every single step of the procedure, from the user filling out the form online to the real discussion in the virtual room and finally the agreement between the user and the operator with the signature of the report. An extensive discussion followed about the outcome of this procedure for both consumers and companies, as well as important aspects related to privacy. 

Vodafone Italia S.p.A., among the major providers in the market in Italy, briefly introduced the company in terms of of users, services offered and coverage, as well as the investment rate in network and infrastructure development; the company explained how ConciliaWeb revolutionized its world. The provider reported the data regarding the volume of mediations and its trend showing the strong impacts on the organization of the workflow and the set of human resources used.

Furthermore, Vodafone detailed the economic benefits deriving from the use of ConciliaWeb, as result of a more straightforward procedure, which allows users to avoid going to the traditional court.

During the subsequent discussion, Italian experts were asked numerous questions, which demonstrated the interest of the operators, in an electronic system for resolving disputes between users and operators.

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