Study Visit to Rome and Naples to Examine the Procedures Involved in Regulating Service Provision Over Networks Owned and Operated by Others


Israeli experts from different departments of the Israeli Ministry of Communications participated in the Study visit in Italy. The following topics discussed in detail during the visit: Broadband mapping, measurements, and transparency; Market analysis, data collection etc.; Public Appeals (visit to TIM); Wholesale only model (visit to Open Fiber).

A visit to TIM premises in Rome introduced the Israeli delegation to wholesale services and network management.

The delegation visited Open Fiber Italia. Open Fiber brings the Ultra Broadband fiber optic across Italy to give high speed and open access to more advanced digital services and opportunities offered by an increasingly interconnected world. As an infrastructure-based company, the Israeli experts were familiarized with the fiber optic network implementation, management and maintenance with the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology, the only technology capable of ensuring a high-speed connection with significant efficiency and reliability.


Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange point (NaMeX) is a neutral, not for profit, Internet exchange and interconnection among national and foreign Internet Service Providers and network operators. The main services offered by Namex are colocation, peering and remote peering. Colocation service is addressed to all carrier operators that need housing space for their network devices in order to setup physical interconnections towards other carriers or to provide connectivity links to other entities that are hosted inside NaMeX facilities. The Israeli delegation visited the facility and examined peering which enables members to connect their border routers and establish peering relationships by means of BGPv4 protocol through a high-end, redundant, distributed switching network allowing thus cost reduction.

A visit paid to Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) offices, which provides government bodies and Independent Authorities such as AGCOM with technological tools, scientific and technological expertise in order to foster progress, technical innovation, and to promote dissemination of digital culture discussed MisuraInternet equipments.

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